2020 Lumachrome Glass Prints for sale!

shrike-thrush fb

Leaving his wheelchair, Emmanuel drifts over Canberra in the body of a jewelled shrike-thrush (for Emmanuel Nunes, 1941-2012).

Lumachrome glass print, cliche-verre, chemigram. Roadkill Grey Shrike-Thrush, seeds, liquid-paper, stalks and petals on fibre paper. Exposed under marked perspex, 26 hours in rain light.

Editioned prints, 80cm x 56cm (editions of 10)

bandicoot 3

Matthew was scared of dying, but when the firestorms came, when all the hollows filled with smoke, and the horizon glowed, he followed the other bandicoots, softly, into stars.

Lumachrome glass print, chemigram, cliche-verre. Smoke-asphyxiated bandicoot, sand, ash, dirt, copper chlorides, on fibre paper, exposed 32 hours in low uv conditions, natural light.

Editioned prints, 80cm x 49cm (editions of 10)

trio small

Two tiny birds and a frog return to their ancestors, over Black Mountain, in a month of drought, fire, hail and plague.

Lumachrome glass print, cliche-verre, chemigram. Three prints collaged together. Hail killed Eastern Yellow Robin and White-throated Gerygone, smoke-killed Pouched Frog, with acacia seeds, on fibre paper. Exposed, respectively, 26 hours, 22 hours and 15 hours under builders plastic, in autumn light.

Editioned prints, 80cm x 52cm (editions of 10)


Zoe descends to comfort her daughters, in a burning country

Lumachrome glass print, cliche-verre, chemigram. Smoke killed baby tiger snake on fibre paper with seeds and honey (for the stars – constellation lines drawn on with pencil) and glass plate. Exposed 32 hours in rain and bushfire smoke, then rubbed with charcoal from the burned trees.

Editioned prints, 80cm x 76cm (editions of 10)