The Dingo’s Noctuary (New Work)

Preliminary visual works for a new illustrated verse novel entitled “The Dingo’s Noctuary”, due for release in late 2019. This book includes maps, plant pressings, poems, prose, photographs, drawings and lumen prints. I am grateful for poetry mentoring from Judith Beveridge and Bob Adamson, and for gentle nurturing and guidance from Warlpiri law ladies Agnes, Myra, Biddy, Valerie, Judy and Kitty.

Lumen Prints

Lumen prints, plants and carcasses on fibre paper, exposed 12-26 hours in natural sunlight or moonlight, under marked glass and netting.

39109103_2050583778285779_2149393602776662016_obirewireprintfootsmallmoon snakeacacia lumenBIRD1wing smalllumen 1birds

Maps & Pressed Plants

Drawn maps of stars and of the central Australian deserts. Pressed plants from remote Indigenous ancestral sites in Warlpiri country.

final star map (ok)Hairy Mulla Mulla (small)Yinirnti (small)small saltbushdesert rose (small)cottonbush (small)Dingo's Noctuary Map smallerMAP 1 (small)MAP 3 (small)MAP 2 (small)MAP 4 (small)

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