Making the work

These galleries show working photographs for those interested in the practice of making these prints. They include images of deceased animals and birds, which some may find distressing.

The first gallery shows some of the processes used in my prints, such as cliche-verre, chemigram etc.

The second gallery shows my workspaces, from the earliest attempt through to my current geodesic dome (created with thanks to ArtsACT)

5 comments on “Making the work

    • Hi Susan, I’ve no idea at this stage. There are lots of pictures and a lot of text too! It’s a verse novel with around 60 poems. I’ll need to find a brave person 🙂 xx Judith


  1. Hello Judith I saw some of your beautiful we in Benalla a couple of days ago. I always saddened and Feel I should honour those animals hit by vehicles and abandoned by roadsides. Your work moved me very much ♥️ fiona


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