Guidelines for poetry submissions to The Canberra Times

Canberra Times Submission Guidelines @ November 2019

The Canberra Times publishes one poem per week in its Saturday Panorama arts section. The payment is $60 per poem.


The Canberra Times aims to publish poems that reflect the diversity of the poetry community in our city and the nation. In selecting poems, we try to maintain a balance between local poets and poets from other cities or countries. We encourage submissions from poets at any stage of their writing practice, and of genders and cultural backgrounds. We particularly encourage First Nations poets to submit their work.

Please note, The Canberra Times receives hundreds of poems every quarter and we can only publish a fraction of those. There will always be very high quality poems that we have to decline to publish, so we can maintain our commitments to diversity. If your poem is not accepted for publication, we hope you will submit to us again in future.


We read poems for publication in The Canberra Times in the following submission periods: MAR 15-31, JUN 15-30, SEPT 13-30, DEC 15-31 (subject to change). Please note, the September 2019 submission period was closed this year due to a period of change at The Canberra Times. We are back on schedule now. Please do not send poems outside these submission periods.

Poets selected for publication are asked to skip the next submission window.


Submit by emailing up to three poems to

All poems should meet the following criteria:

* Poems must be unpublished and we do not accept simultaneous submissions

* Poems should be a maximum of 24 lines long (including notes and references)

* Poems should be suitable for a general audience, including young people and children

* Poems should be submitted in a single Word or Pdf file with your name in the document title. The email subject should be “New Poetry Submission”


We will notify you within 6-8 weeks of close of submission if your poem has been selected for publication in the Panorama arts section of The Canberra Times. We endeavour to publish every selected poem, but it is important to remember that The Canberra Times can’t always guarantee this. As Canberra’s flagship newspaper, sometimes a poem might be left out due to the limits of space, but this is not usual.


Submission calls are promoted to poets who have previously submitted to The Canberra Times or enquired about our poetry publications, and through social media and poetry networks — thank you for your help in passing the word on.

If you can access The Canberra Times where you live, please buy it every Saturday to support fellow poets and invest in a major newspaper that still publishes poetry.

Judith Crispin

Canberra Times Poetry Editor